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Frequently Asked Questions!

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Do you offer private coaching or consultation?

Yes we do! If you are interested in a private engagement with us, please reach out!

My business and employees could use some help, do you offer business consultation too?

Yes, we love working with businesses! People are at work for most of their days so we want to ensure that everyone is as productive and healthy as they can be. Since Joseph is an award-winning business expert, he has seen how beneficial it is to have teams employ the Life Detox Protocol. Things get done much faster and with higher quality and passion after we have worked with your team.

What are the benefits of the membership?

There are many, but the most critical elements in ensuring long-term success is ongoing training and a community of support. Both of these things are part of the membership. Plus, you get some awesome discounts too! 

Do you do speaking engagments?

We love to teach and speak in front of crowds. So yes, we do! Reach out and let us know if we could support your efforts. 

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