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Our FREE course and prerequisite to all other courses... 01: Self-Sabotage

The 01: Self-Sabotage Course is the prerequisite to all other courses because it is what will make or break your efforts (in anything!). There are hidden and invisible influences that create and reinforce our self-sabotage patterns. They are often so hidden that we are completely unaware of why we do what we do. This course helps bring some of those issues to light so you can take back the control.

The 02: Life Detox™ Foundation Course can be purchased through starting the institute journey above, since the Self-Sabotage course is the prerequisite to all others. It contains the core information you need to be successful in detoxifying your entire life. Plus, it gives you access and training to our powerful Life Detox™ Protocol (LDP), which puts your life clean-up efforts on autopilot (seriously). 

Our Life Detox™ Institute Campus is where we house our private community. Our students gather here for support and ongoing education. There are monthly live calls for group training, as well as a library of past training calls.

We offer a 30-day Elite tutoring program for those high-achiever and go-getter students who want to get the most out of the training we offer. We provide a full assessment, 2 hour-long tutoring sessions, and email support for 30 days. This will help you maximize the Life Detox™ Foundation Course material and ensure that you get the results you desire. 



We are huge fans of Adriene because she is very much in alignment with the Life Detox™ Lifestyle and our Kind & Gentle philosophy. We highly recommend her membership and courses- she has classes/videos for all levels of yoga, regardless of your experience. Her sense of humor and easy-going nature invites you in to be present with whatever is going on in the moment. In short, we love her! 

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